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Codonopsis subscaposa

Another of the "had it once but lost it brigade" this gorgeous little non-climber resembles a Fritillary more than a Codonopsis in flower. Its closest relative in the genus is C.meleagris (no coincidence that a common Fritillary is also called meleagris). Both have a basal rosette of leaves, quite distinctive even in very small plants, from which rise stems with striking pale greenish-yellow flowers lined and spotted with chocolate brown and purple in the case of C.subscaposa.

In the last few years we have been donated fresh seed of C.subscaposa and have high hopes of growing it to flowering size once again provided we can keep the dreaded slugs at bay.

The above was written prior to summer 2018 when at last it flowered in our garden once again and a photo is included to prove it


 ©Bob Armstrong

 ©Ian Scott

 ©Ian Scott