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Pseudocodon grey-wilsonii

Pseudocodon grey-wilsonii Himal Snow

Beautiful large blue open flowers about 2" across with a distinct hairy purple ring make a gorgeous show from August onwards much admired by garden visitors. Previously named C.nepalensis but re-named in honour of research carried out by Chris Grey-Wilson. This fully hardy twining climber will thrive in a large pot.

The white flowered form, C.grey-wilsonii Himal Snow also responds to pot culture although we find it to be less vigorous. This species and its allies (e.g Cc forrestii, vinciflora etc) are grouped in the sub-genus Pseudocodonopsis and all have pale spherical tubers which produce offsets making an easy method of propagation.

Seed is medium and dark brown.

In 2018 we flowered a completely pale blue form for the first time and, if it persists in future years,  may merit its own cultivar name

West and Central Nepal

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